What People Are Saying About Us

Charlie and Jameson, Waltham MA

Your Fit Doggie and Me program is almost as hard and definitely more fun than your Boot Camp [personal trainer Mike Harb provides personal training, boot camps, and a variety of classes, at Gold's Gym in Arlington, MA]. Jameson loves it too!

Suzanne and Tilly, Arlington MA

The Fit Doggie and Me program is such a great concept. Fortunately, I am able to get to the gym during the week but Tilly's (my dog) weekday exercise consists of a few walks and some fetch. Now, Tilly and I look forward to our sessions together with Mike. As soon as I open the car door, she knows exactly where we are off to.  Not only do I get a great workout but Tilly is ecstatic for the chance to run and play and please me. I was shocked to see how quickly Tilly caught on to all of the exercises. I cool down while my dog explores the Arlington dog park and then we head home where Tilly sleeps for the rest of the day!

Kate and Ripley, Somerville MA

As someone who works full time, it's been hard to find time to get in my personal workouts since getting a puppy a year ago. I'd feel guilty if I went to the personal trainer leaving the pup at home. Mike and his team have put together an amazing program that allows both me and Rip to get in a great workout together while also working on key training techniques which are super helpful in these early puppy years. It's been amazing to see how much Ripely learns each week and both of us leave the class feeling great after a hard core workout. . . . which also wears Ripley out for a good part of the rest of the day!

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