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A complimentary Basic Nutrition Plan will be provided for you and your dog! More detailed Nutrition Plans can be obtained by scheduled appointments with the Nutritionist.

Each session will be a series of cardio and callisthenic exercises. Starting with easy to moderate intensity, and progressively increasing to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Some strength and resistance exercises will also be included in our circuit training sessions, alongside agility and plyometric drills.

Basic obedience training is a prerequisite for every dog prior to joining the program. Individual obedience training can also be scheduled with the Dog Trainer on staff, as needed.

Fit Doggie and Me® program is designed to achieve improvements in overall health not only for you, but for your four-legged friend as well! You can expect the following benefits for both Owner and Dog: Increased cardiovascular fitness; Increased strength and conditioning; Weight loss or decrease in body fat percentage; Muscle tone; Increased energy levels; Increased general health!

Private Fit Doggie and Me® sessions can be scheduled with the Personal Trainer, if the owner desires.

Fit Doggie and Me® is a unique program designed for people to work out with their dogs – together! The program runs once a week for 4 or 6 weeks, and there is a Certified Personal Trainer for you and a Certified Dog Trainer for your canine companion on hand for all sessions.

Sessions will be approximately one hour, and will begin with a 15 minute educational session from a different professional:

The Program

* Nutritionist

* Personal Trainer

* Veterinarian

* Dog Trainer

* Dog Groomer

* Other Canine or Human Fitness/Health Professional